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Revival in Kingwood, WV

Revival in West Virgina with Pastors Derek and Treasa Syruws

Revival in Kingwood, WV with Pastors Derek and Treasa Syruws

Evangelist Bazil Howard-Browne

Evangelist Bazil Howard-Browne

Kingwood Christian Fellowship Church

Kingwood. West Virgina.

Last year I was at Kingwood Christian Fellowship Church for a week long Revival with Pastors Derek and Treasa Syruws.

We saw many people getting touched, and the Joy and the out pouring of the Lord was very evident. The Bible says, “It’s the Anointing that destroyes the yoke of bondage, and sets the captive free”. We welcomed the Holy Spirit, and allowed Him to move upon the hungry and thirsty people that were at the nightly meetings.

God is amazing. After traveling and conducting many many Revivals, God always shows up to touch His people, and lives are transformed and changed by His power and His Glory. We really do serve an awesome wonderful God.

If you were touched in this revival, I encourage you to post your comments below, and lets give God all of the praise. God Bless. Bazil Howard-Browne.

Evangelist Bazil Howard-Browne and Pastors Derek and Treasa Syruws

Evangelist Bazil Howard-Browne and Pastors Derek and Treasa Syruws

Kingwood Christian Fellowship Church, West Virginia

Kingwood Christian Fellowship Church, West Virginia


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What you need to know about Bazil Howard-Browne

Bazil M. Howard-Browne was born and raised in a Godly home in South Africa.   Born again and baptized in the Holy Ghost at an early age, he saw many great manifestations of the Holy Spirit in his home amongst his parents and brothers. He married his lovely wife, Ann, in May 1985, and they both completed Bible College at a large independent Bible School in 1986. Involved in ministry amongst the African people and in one of the largest churches in South Africa, God spoke to them and opened the doors to missionary work in the U.S.A.

In 1992, Bazil, Ann, and their three children Bradley, Kayley, and Jessica, came to America, where he worked alongside his brother, Dr. Rodney M. Howard-Browne, in the ministry for one year. Bazil saw God’s power and anointing increase in his life, and also encountered a life-changing experience with God’s glory.

Beginning January 1, 1994, he has carried Revival across the United States, spanning from Florida to Alaska, and from California to New York and Hawaii, Canada, South Africa, Puerto Rico and the Marshall Islands.  Many have experienced the healing restoring power of God in Bazil’s meetings.  Witnessing many salvations, the churches are being stirred up to bring in the lost and the backslidden in heart as they are witnessing the Power of God to save and restore lives in these meetings.

God placed it upon their hearts to move the ministry from Florida to Missouri. In 1998 they moved to St. Louis, ignited a revival fire in the city and founded River Family Church.

Through their dedication to God’s call on their lives, Bazil and Ann have received many blessings since moving to the United States. In the summer of 2001, God answered their heart’s desire for another child, with the adoption of their six-month old daughter, who they named Makenzie Sarah.

Bazil travels around the U.S.A., across denominational boundaries, seeing great manifestations of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders, salvations, rededications, miracles and the Holy Ghost fire transforming people’s lives. Bazil and Ann know that God called them to the U.S.A. to help spread revival fire, which is already burning. Being faithful to the anointing God has placed on their lives, they are dedicated to doing all that God has asked of them.

There has been a special anointing over this ministry in seeing people come into financial freedom and the abundant provision God has for them.  There have been countless testimonies of financial breakthrough in the lives of people, as they have acted on the Word of God in sowing and reaping.  Church finances have doubled and sometimes tripled after a week of revival meetings.  The truth of the Word of God holds within itself the power to free up finances in the local church.  As the Word is sown in truth, the harvest has been financial breakthrough for the church corporately and the people individually.

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Greetings from Bazil Howard-Browne

Greetings, and welcome to the official Bazil Howard-Browne Evangelistic Ministry Blog site.  We are going to post extensive blogs of  Revivals from the past and present, and give you the opportunity to blog along with us as you have been touched by the Power of God through this ministry. Every Crusade/Revival that we do will be blogged here, so you can keep up with what the ministry is doing. God Bless you. Bazil Howard-Browne.

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